How good of a way are window pillow boxes to show off your pillows?

Window pillow boxes look like pillow boxes, but they have a clear window in the front. The window is usually made of plastic or glass. So, buyers can see what’s inside the box without opening it.

What do window pillow boxes do?

Most of the time, a pillow box with windows  is used to package and show off small retail items, gifts, and advertising materials in a nice way. Also, these decorative pillow boxes are shaped like pillows and have a clear window so you can see what’s inside. Here are some common uses for pillow boxes with windows:

Retail Packaging: 

Stores often use decorative pillow boxes to package and show off jewelry, cosmetics, small electronics, makeup, and other items. The colorful pillow boxes let buyers see the product before they buy it. This can make the product seem more valuable and increase sales.


A pillow box with a window is a beautiful and easy way to wrap gifts for birthdays, weddings, holidays, and other special events. The clear window makes the gift more personal and lets the recipient see what’s inside.

Promotional Materials: 

Businesses often use eco friendly pillow boxes to package promotional items like freebies, branded items, and free goods. People are more likely to read the papers if they can quickly see what’s inside.

Cosmetics and beauty products: 

Many cosmetics and beauty products, like lipsticks, nail polishes, and small skin care items, come in eco friendly pillow boxes with see-through screens so that the color or texture of the product can be seen.

Food and baked goods: 

You can also package small food items like cookies, candies, and other sweets in a pillow box with windows. Through the window, people can see the tasty treats inside.

Crafts and homemade Items: 

Crafters and artists often use these boxes to package their homemade items, such as jewelry, handmade soaps, candles, and other small crafts.

Product Samples: 

Custom pillow boxes can be used to pack product samples or trial-size items that will be used for marketing. People can look at the product through the window before deciding whether or not to buy the full-sized form.

Small electronics: 

Some small electronics, like earphones or small toys, can be put in handmade pillow boxes with see-through windows to show off their design and features.

How are pillow boxes made? What kind of materials are used?

Most customized pillow boxes are made of cardboard or paperboard, which gives the box support and shape. Most of the time, the part that looks like a window is made of clear plastic, such as PVC or PET.

Can the look of pillow boxes be changed?

Yes, you can change a unique pillow box’s size, shape, color, design, and writing. Many packaging companies let businesses change their packaging to fit their name and product.

How do you put a pillow box together?

A large pillow boxes is usually shipped flat to save money and space on shipping. To put them together, fold along the score lines, tuck in the tabs, and seal them. The part with the window is already linked, so you don’t need to add it separately.

Are pillow boxes for windows good for the environment?

What they are made of determines how eco-friendly customized pillow boxes are. Some packaging companies offer options that are good for the earth, like using recycled cardboard and biodegradable or recyclable plastic for the window.

Can you send things in pillow boxes with windows?

Eco-friendly cardboard pillow boxes aren’t usually made to be shipped. These boxes are usually used to ship small store items, gifts, or marketing materials. They look like pillows and have a clear window so you can see what’s inside. The goal of this design is to make the way the thing is packaged and shown off better. Because of this, they are often used for shop displays and gift wrapping.

But if you want to ship something, especially if it’s fragile or expensive, you should think about using stronger packaging options that will protect the item better while it’s in transit. People often use corrugated cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and other cushioning materials when sending things to make sure they don’t get broken.

It’s best to pick shipping boxes and packing materials based on the size, weight, fragility, and worth of the things you’re sending. Because of how they are made and how light they are, eco-friendly pillow boxes might not be the best choice for shipping. But there are other ways to package things for shipping that focus on safety and protection while they move.

Do windows come in more than one style?

There are different kinds of windows you can use to pack and show off. The size, form, placement, and look of different kinds of windows can be different. Here are some common types of windows:

Full-Front Window: 

This style has a big, clear window on the front of the package. It lets you see what’s inside and is often used for things like baked goods, cosmetics, and small shop items that look better when you can see them.

Die-Cut Window: 

Die-cut windows are custom-shaped holes in the package that let you look inside. The shape of these windows can be changed to fit the design or brand character of the object. They are often used to come up with new ways to package things.

Top Window: 

The top window is at the top of the package and shows what’s inside from above. This style is often used for things like food, toys, and goods with interesting textures that can be shown off from the top.

Side Window: 

The sides of the package have side windows that show how the item looks from the side. This style is good for things with interesting details or traits that can be seen from the side.

Three-Sided Window: 

A three-sided window goes around three sides of the package and lets you see what’s inside from many different angles. This style is often used for things with a lot of small, intricate features or patterns.

Framed Window: 

In a framed window style, the clear window is surrounded by an artistic frame or border. This adds a bit of class to the package and draws attention to what’s inside.

Multiple Windows: 

Packaging with more than one window can show different parts of the product, like its different tastes or models. Things like candy, chocolate, and makeup sets are often made in this way.

Peel-Off Window: 

Some packages have a film on the window that you can peel off to cover it. The customer can peel off this film to see what’s inside. This makes the package more physical and fun to play with.

In the end,

custom kraft pillow boxes that are good for the environment are a versatile way to package things like jewelry, makeup, gifts, and even food. They are also a popular choice for online shops because customers can see the product before they buy it.